Ian Michael Waddell

writer + narrative designer // lekwungen and WSANEC territories (victoria, bc)

email: ianwaddell [at] gmail [dot] com

things of interest:

I have worked at Electronic Arts on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Fusebox Games on Matchmaker: Love Island, and in collaboration with Talespinners on NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed For All.

Animalia (2018) - Interactive fiction game. Four animals occupy a replica of a Human child to prevent Human encroachment upon their very Non-Human forest. Extremely silly. It placed 3rd out of 77 in the 2018 Interactive Fiction Competition, won two XYZZY Awards for Best Writing and Best NPCs, and was showcased at the 2019 WordPlay Festival in Toronto.

I gave a talk at NarraScope 2022 with Katherine Morayati entitled New Stories, Old Interfaces about telling interactive stories through simulated computer interfaces, file systems, messaging programs, etc. You can watch it if you want.

things of lesser interest:

Laika (2020) - Play as Laika, first dog in orbit. Explore the solar system, converse with alien grad students, push space cops into Venus's atmosphere. Written for the Narrascope 2020 Game Jam, and commissioned by Josh Grams as a demo for tinyQBN, a storylet/quality-based narrative library for Twine and Sugarcube. Unwinnable wrote a nice article about it.

Mindful (2019) - A game in which you make your own cooking blog. Entered in the game jam ECTOCOMP 2019.

Znrp's (2017) - As the proprietor of the only neutral bar in the Nebula, protect your bar from thugs looking to shake down your most loyal (and most irritating) customer. The first game I ever made using Twine.

Verb Your Enthusiasm (2019) - A podcast with Elizabeth Smyth where we review interactive fiction games. It's on Patreon but we're not actively seeking patrons, because we are generous and kind.